I just read through the highlights of a brand new study on the impact of ‘student coaching’ on academic achievement and retention on college campuses. Interestingly, the study’s authors (two college professors) “are highly supportive of the potential of student coaching.” This was especially true for the young men they studied. Those with coaches outperformed their peers in almost every category measured.

Now in general, I think the ‘life coach’ concept is just a little too wishy-washy and fraught with fraudulent teachers for my taste. But I do believe that a good coach can make all the difference. I have one (and a wife), and I still regularly quote Tony Laterza, my High School Basketball Coach – ‘If you have a good attitude and follow directions, you’re gonna get better.’

The fact is (and the study confirmed) that having the right support system whether in school or in ‘real’ life is often the difference between just muddling along and the laser-focused attention you need to get great results. I always thought, and now a study confirms, that success will be exponentially faster … and ultimately greater if you have a ‘success’ coach (formal or otherwise) to guide you, correct your mistakes, hold you accountable and cheer you on. There are many coaches available in my field – some who talk the talk and a few who walk the walk… and yes, there is a difference. My advice: make sure that any coach who works with your family is authentic, someone who not only knows what you should do, but actually does it himself.

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Dedicated to your Child’s Success,

College Pete

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