I’m spending a few days in Michigan, meeting and sharing best practices with a college planning company that is on the cutting edge in terms of providing both admissions and financial solutions to families.

I took a break this afternoon and got a head start on my Annual Summer College Tour!  First up for 2013: Calvin College, a local gem, located in suburban Grand Rapids.  Calvin is a mid-sized (4,000) Christian, liberal arts school, with diverse opportunities for students including engineering, business, and pre-professional programs.  Campus life is a bit conservative – while the dorms are co-ed, the male and female floors are separate, and there are strict limits on when members of the opposite sex can enter dorm rooms.  A Division III school, Calvin have beautiful athletic facilities with emphasis on soccer, basketball and volleyball…but no football.  We are in Michigan, so hockey rules.  The school has a great regional reputation, with graduates well-positioned throughout the state of Michigan with great job opportunities.  Check out my video post here.

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