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WARNING: What Happens When What Happens On Spring Break…

WARNING: What Happens When What Happens On Spring Break…

… Winds Up on Facebook

In a recent Kaplan study, 80% of College Admissions Departments admitted that they checked their applicants’ Facebook pages prior to granting acceptance. A similar report conducted by Harris Interactive found the same was true of potential employers… and further, the study found that 35% of hiring managers had actually decided NOT to offer a job to a potential candidate based on content they found on that candidate’s social networking site. For the record, I’ve even heard (though I can’t confirm) that the FL Bar is culling social media for potential red flags.

So, if you’re in graduate school or college, or a student planning to apply to college in the next few years, consider yourself forewarned and comport yourself accordingly. This Spring Break, be safe. Be smart. And have fun – but don’t say or do anything you wouldn’t want your mom to hear you say or see you do!

Peter Ratzan

P.S. A great way for High School families to spend Spring Break is to do a mini college tour. Check out my earlier blog post on 10 Tips for Visiting Colleges.

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