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Will They Really Cancel FL Prepaid?

Will They Really Cancel FL Prepaid?

Today’s Herald and Sun-Sentinel ran stories about a proposal in the FL Senate to suspend the ever-popular FL Prepaid Program. While this proposal is far from becoming law, it does indicate the dire financial straits that the State finds itself. The concern from Sen. Evelyn Lynn (R-Ormond Beach) is that, with rising state tuition of 15% per year, the FL Prepaid Program will not have the earnings to keep up with such tuition hikes given the volatility in the stock market. Even though the Plan does not invest in the stock market, tuition hikes of 15% per year put a severe financial strain on a plan that is based on 6-7% increases per year.

The Good News: if you already have a plan, you are unaffected by this proposal.

The Bad News: The FL Prepaid Plan only covers a small fraction of the total cost of attendance (COA). The current COA at a FL school is, on average, $18,000 per year. That includes tuition, room, board, books, fees, travel money, pizza money, etc. The typical FL Prepaid Plan provides about $3,000 – $4,000 per year. That leaves you with about 15-Large left over to pay for one year at a State U.

The Ugly News: Bright Futures, the scholarship program that is funded by our collective lottery addiction, is expected to shrink by $1,000 per student. And that’s if your student can meet the new standards of qualification. Also, it’s getting tougher to even get accepted to a FL state school, as reported by the Sun Sentinel this morning.

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