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Skidmore College: Location. Location. Location.

Skidmore College:  Location. Location. Location.

Check out this short video with a summary of my trip to  Skidmore College.   Skidmore is ‘at the center of it all’, one of 16 schools in the region,situated in the foothills of the Adirondacks and on the outskirts of  cute, yet bustling Saratoga Springs, NY – 30 minutes from Albany and Stratton Mountain,  — and just a three-hour drive from three major cities (NY, Boston and Montreal).   It’s easily accessible from South Florida, with nonstop flights from Ft. Lauderdale daily.

Skidmore is a small, competitive liberal arts college with an all-undergrad population of about 2,500 students, a 9:1 student-faculty ratio AND a wide variety of pre-professional curricular options, including busines, exercise science and education (among other offerings).   A generous, but need-sensitive school (see video for an explanation), Skidmore should be on the short-list of every aspiring art student, as well as those desiring a small, competitive, liberal arts college.

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