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Seven Things You Should Know About the New SAT!

Seven Things You Should Know About the New SAT!

Back in my day (when a phone actually plugged into a wall), taking the standardized  ‘college entrance exam’  was tough, but deciding which standardized test to take was not.  That was mainly a matter of geography. If you lived on either Coast, you were taking the SAT, period.  In the Midwest, you might take the ACT.

Not so today!  In fact, the last couple of years, the ACT has surpassed the SAT in market share.  Which made the College Board mad… and so…very soon they will be debuting a brand-spankin’ new SAT.  Granted, its release has been delayed (and delayed again), but make no mistake a new and very different SAT will be administered early next year!  And the rumors about it are rampant.  I’ve heard ’em all:  it’s the same as the Common Core, it’s harder than ever, it’s easier than ever, it’s better than the ACT, it’s worse than the ACT… you name it.  And all this noise and yet, the public hasn’t even so much as glimpsed the first new SAT practice test.  I’ve been discussing this  with my colleagues and with my contacts at Admissions offices for almost a year now, and here’s what I do know.

First, there will be major changes (in structure, content, format and scoring), and these changes will have a cascading affect, especially on today’s 10th graders!!!   For example, the October PSAT is in the ‘new’ format and yet the old SAT will be sticking around through January.  This is important info for students who are going for National Merit in October AND planning to take the October or November SAT… and it’s important info for students who are planning to take these tests in the Spring (which is true of most current 10th graders).   For many students, there will be a lot riding on their test scores –  test scores can have Admissions AND Funding implications.

Which test is right for your child?  Should she study for the new PSAT and still take the old SAT?  Or prep only for the new SAT? Should he forgo them both for the ACT, or maybe… pass on all three (huh)?  What are the colleges saying/doing? How will they compare scores?

As I said earlier there’s a lot of noise and frankly, misleading information floating out there…and I’d like to clear that all up. And fortunately for us, Jill and I have a great colleague in Cincinnati, OH who happens to be very dialed into the College Board.  She knows more about the new SAT than just about anyone I’ve met (who is not actually working on its design.)  And here’s the best part. She’s agreed to join Jill for a LIVE WEBINAR on Thursday, April 16 at 6:30 pm EDT.  Not only will she help us dissect the new test, she’ll be sharing some inside and critical information about the scoring that has yet to be made public by the College Board.  And since this is a LIVE event, she’ll be available to take and answer your questions in real time!

If you have a 9th or a 10th grader, this is one event you literally cannot afford to miss.  And it’s free.. and really easy to get to. There’s only one catch (which I’m sure you were waiting for).  We are only able to secure 100 lines (and the first three are already being used by our colleague Lisa, Jill and me.  No kidding… just 97 spots…(and about 7,000 of you), so I highly suggest that you secure your spot now.  

I’ve been studying and working in higher education for quite a while.  I don’t think I’ve seen anything that has had a greater chance to impact the Admissions process as this new SAT. And I say that both as an objective professional and, as luck would have it, the concerned parent of a 10th grader.  Studies have shown that parental involvement is actually the key to helping a student adapt to change.  This new SAT is a game changer, and I’m confident that this webinar give you the information you need to make sure the change is in your child’s favor.



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