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Delay and Lose Out

Delay and Lose Out

Some would say that we’re lucky to live in a time when we have infinite amounts of information available at our fingertips.

Want to know how to cook a ‘pastry’ dessert without the pastry, but with pistachio nuts? You can Google it and find a dozen recipes. Want to know the best way to lose weight in 30 days? You’d find 4,920,000 options Googling that one.

Information about college is just as abundant. Did you know you can Google and find no less than 34,100 links about colleges that superscore the ACT?

The information is out there — to learn a cooking technique, to lose weight, or to find the perfect college — We know this, and yet how come far too often we don’t actually DO anything with it?

We say things like, “I need to look that up…” or “I’ll do that tomorrow…” as if more information or time will make a difference.

The reality is that we don’t really have more time (at least not when it comes to your teen’s college plans) and we don’t need more information. In fact, we’re drowning in it.

What we do need is to know exactly what to DO with that information. We also need accountability: advisors and coaches who can keep us on track, sort through the endless information, who’ve seen it all before and who can help us move through the tough psychological barriers that come with taking action with something new.

What if you could find the information you need about helping your child get into a great college (with a great scholarship offer so that you can actually afford it) and have it explained so you know EXACTLY what to do with that information?

What if you knew what to focus on, what steps to take and maybe most importantly, what you can stop worrying about?

And what if you could get that information in ONE HOUR from an expert for FREE?

It’s not about getting more information. It’s about using the information you HAVE and APPLYING it.


That’s why we posted a REPLAY of our recent live web presentation to help you do just that.


Here’s why you want to listen to this webinar:

  • It’s Applicable: The information that you’ll receive in this class, for FREE, has already saved parents just like you thousands (and in many cases tens of thousands) off the ‘sticker price’ of their children’s college education. In fact, 99% of the parents who have followed our program have received financial aid or scholarship offers. Most of them have been significant, five-figure awards. The average is $28,000 per year (a savings of more than $100,000 over a four-year education).
  • It’s Relevant: The clients who get the best results (those whose students have the most college options to choose from and who are able to save thousands regardless of their financial circumstances) start working on this well before their child’s senior year of high school. If you wait until your child has already fallen in love with ‘the school’ or until after she or he has already sent out his or her applications, you’re often too late! In order to have any real financial leverage and avoid needlessly limiting your child’s college options, you have to act early.
  • It’s Timely: If you’re the parent of a college-bound high school student in 9th, 10th or especially 11th grade and you’ve been bumping along, maybe reading our emails and articles for the past several years, it’s time to ‘wake up’ and start really planning how to help your child get the college education he or she deserves.

During this live presentation, we shared true stories, actual examples of how other families have put our strategies to work and showed you exactly how they worked out for them (including sharing key lessons learned in the process).

Watch the webinar REPLAY here.

It’s one hour, and you won’t be disappointed.

– Peter & Jill


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