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Good News! Your child CAN do THIS too

Good News! Your child CAN do THIS too

Here’s a cool story for your day:

In August, we taught a College Application Course for rising 12th graders. Julia was one of our students, and she’ll be the first to admit that she was worried!

Not only did she have a crazy busy work schedule, but she had no idea where she wanted to go to college…let alone how to get started on her college applications.

By the end of the program, Julia had not only written a killer essay, she had COMPLETED and SUBMITTED all of her college applications. She entered into her senior year relaxed.

She’s now enjoying her year instead of melting down in overwhelm.

Now fast forward to yesterday afternoon when we got this email from Julia’s mom…


If she can do it, so can YOUR CHILD!

Now, sometimes stories like this scare us (at least as a first reaction).

Or they make us a little jealous (as in, “What’s up with MY kid? Why isn’t she on top of this?“) which can lead to what we call in our home the “Yeah, but..” syndrome.

As in, “Yeah, but that was her…my kid’s situation is different…

Which is true. No two families or two children are exactly alike. Your child may have completely different goals, skills, interests and concerns than Julia, which is exactly why a program like the one Julia participated in is so important.

Because with the right guidance and tools, your child can do exactly what Julia did!

Most kids (and most people) need a little push and the right guidance to help turn their unique goals and skills into positive action.

This is especially so when it comes to something as emotionally-charged and potentially life-altering as applying to college. If you have a 12th grader at home who is still struggling to complete (or even start) their college applications, then we have a way to jump start their effort!

Imagine being able to step out of the role of the “mean, nagging mom or dad” as we step in to take the reins instead. We will take your child by the hand and show him or her, step-by-step, how to turn their ideas, skills, activities into a well-written college application and essay that is both authentic and special.

::: It’s Not You, Or Them :::

Just so we’re clear, if your 12th grader seems to be floundering with this application process, it’s not their fault (or yours).

The college admissions and application process IS confusing and complex. There are multiple applications to complete with multiple tasks to get done. Plus, accurate information on how to do this is scarce and fragmented.

What your child actually needs is less generic information or random advice that they pick up from their best friend’s boyfriend’s big sister.

Instead, they need a proven program, a step-by-step system with individualized attention to get them (and keep them) on the right track. And they need it NOW! Some college application deadlines are literally AROUND THE CORNER (like, in the next few weeks).

We’ve spent years developing, testing, and improving our college guidance program. That’s why this year we’ve added something special to our 10th ANNUAL COLLEGE APPLICATION COURSE.

This year, we’re offering a one-week, get-it-done College Application Bootcamp thisOctober 3-9 for 11th and 12th graders…and a way to get started immediately.

We want you and your child to be “in the know” and understand exactly how to submit their college applications and write a great essay. We want to help your child GET IT DONE (for 12th graders).

Our College Application Bootcamp combines high-touch, personalized support and digital content.

In a combination of 2 Prep Session live calls, one in-person, 4-hour interactive workshop, and instant access to our NEW Online College Application Program, we’ll help your child get their applications completed…including their essays.

The program will be one week: October 3 – 9. The week will include 2 live training calls to prep for the in-person workshop.

The in-person workshop will be Sunday, October 9, at the Weston City Community Center from 10AM – 2PM.

Plus, you can get started IMMEDIATELY with our online College Application Program.

After attending the calls and workshop plus getting resources from the online course…we guarantee that your child will have everything they need to get at least one college application completed and ready to submit.

When you enroll your child, you’ll also benefit from $355 worth of additional bonuses we’re throwing in exclusively to our Bootcamp students.

This program is $997 and it’s filling FAST. We have limited spots due to our space.

Click here to review the details and enroll your child in the program:

Warm regards,
Jill and Peter

P.S. Please feel free to forward this to a friend, colleague or family member that you like who has college bound juniors or seniors at home. They’ll thank you for it.

P.P.S. Here’s a screenshot from the College Application Program your child can get immediately when you purchase the Bootcamp so they can jump in, download tips/tools/resources and be walked through the process step-by-step…


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