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UPDATE on changes to Fl’s Bright Futures Scholarship Program

UPDATE on changes to Fl’s Bright Futures Scholarship Program

This March, the Florida Senate voted to extend Bright Futures Scholarships’ to summer classes/sessions AND to nearly double the scholarship amount awarded for the Academic Scholars level.  

Though Governor Scott refused to sign the bill, students who qualify will still receive roughly $6,000 per year (full tuition at many of Florida’s public universities) plus a $300 stipend for the Academic Year 2017-18.

 Unfortunately this is a one-year deal; thereafter, the benefit will revert back to its original amount (approx. $3,000 per year).

What this means for Florida students:

First, if your student sat for the June 3 SAT, the scores just came out (June ACT scores came out last week).

If your child took the June SAT/ACT, it’s worth checking to see if they qualify for the Academic Scholars award (note that you can only use scores from tests taken before June 30 to determine Bright Futures award eligibility).

For more editorial on the origin, requirements and unintended consequences in the Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarship program, you can check out this link:

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