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Getting Reorganzied and Re-opened After Hurricane Irma

Getting Reorganzied and Re-opened After Hurricane Irma

With the wind and rain of Irma behind us, we are happy to say that our Weston office will be RESUMING NORMAL OPERATIONS now as of Wednesday, September 13.

There may be debris all over the streets, trees may be blocking some roads, and many in our community still don’t have electricity, but students still need to complete their applications, and parents still need to prepare financial aid forms. The world doesn’t stop even though school remains closed locally until at least Monday.

It’s been a difficult and trying week for all of us in South Florida and across the state. In Weston and other municipalities in the region, the impact proved to be far less dire than what was forecast. Still, many remain displaced, their lives altered for at least several weeks or longer. Our prayers and support go out to those whose lives remain disrupted. Florida will recover, even if the journey ahead appears daunting. As the electricity returns, life can quickly return to normal.

We continue to assist both students and parents, both in South Florida and beyond, just like we have for the past 10 years. We are doing our part to help families return to a sense of normalcy, one student at a time. Kids need that routine – and as parents, we need to do our best to give them structure during tumultuous times.

We’re here to help.

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