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It’s Financial Aid Season! Find out what’s changing this year.

It’s Financial Aid Season! Find out what’s changing this year.

It’s October—that means that the financial aid season is here and we’re neck deep in financial aid applications!

This year there are quite a few changes to both the FAFSA and the CSS Profile. So, we wanted to share with you some new resources we’ve got to help you navigate them.

To remind you, last year the date that you could begin submitting your FAFSA® was moved earlier in the year, to October 1. From the FAFSA website:

Most state and school deadlines haven’t changed, but be aware of this: Several states’ deadlines have changed from “as soon as possible after Jan. 1” to “as soon as possible after Oct. 1.” Find state deadlines on the FAFSA and school deadlines on schools’ websites.
That means that if you have a child who is applying to college now, you can (and should) begin preparing and submitting your financial aid applications. In addition to the revised FAFSA timeline, there are also some fairly significant changes to the CSS Profile application.

If you’re not sure exactly where to start — don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


We have a breakdown of financial aid and how it works, what you need to fill out applications and what to understand to maximize your chances at getting a generous financial aid package when you sign up as a member, log into and click on this month’s lesson.

This month’s lesson plan for our members also gives you a Quick-Start Guide to Filling Out the FAFSA and CSS Profile as well as an overview video and bonus downloads to guide you. It’s posted in the Charter Club section on our website.


Our latest podcast episodeFinancial Aid Season Begins: What You Need To Know, has published just in time to give you an overview of financial aid and this year’s changes. You can click here to preview and open in iTunes, or listen here directly from our blog.

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